Corporate social responsibility

At CPA FERRERE and FERRERE Abogados we approach Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) from a social innovation perspective. Our purpose is to contribute to the sustainability of the organizations we support, and we do so from the heart of our business: though the capabilities of our practitioners.

This allows us to contribute to social and economic development across the four countries where we have a presence, through specific actions and work shared with diverse institutions involved in academic, social and business spheres.

If you have a project and would like to be part of our social innovation program, we invite you to apply here by using our request platform.


Liceo Jubilar is the first privately-managed free intermediary education center, located in the Casavalle neighborhood in Montevideo, Uruguay. FERRERE provides the center with support in different areas. On the one hand, FERRERE practitioners have given classes at Jubilar, and the firm also has a mentorship program for the center’s alumni during their first steps at the university. Additionally, the paper that FERRERE discards is transformed into materials that are used by the institution.


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Centro de Promoción por la Dignidad Humana (Center for Promotion of Human Dignity - CEPRODIH) is a nonprofit civil association that aids families faced with vulnerable situations, such as lack of housing, domestic violence, unemployment, or unexpected pregnancy, among others. FERRERE supports this institution with pro bono work.  Additionally, in 2017 the firm’s corporate gifts were made with the help of the Center’s members, who worked for several weeks to prepare handcrafted holiday cookies.

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Enseña Uruguay seeks to form a movement of agents of change who, based on their classroom experience in vulnerable contexts, contribute to reducing the learning gap and improving education quality in Uruguay. Ferrere supports the institution through diverse pro bono initiatives, ranging from creation of the civil association itself to assistance with teacher selection processes and participation of the firm’s practitioners on the institution’s board of directors.


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