Corporate social responsibility

FERRERE Transforma  purpose is to contribute to the sustainability of the organizations we support, and we do so from the heart of our business: though the capabilities of our practitioners.

This allows us to contribute to social and economic development across the four countries where we have a presence, through specific actions and work shared with diverse institutions involved in academic, social and business spheres.

If you have a project and would like to be part of our social innovation program, we invite you to apply here by using our request platform.


CEPRODIH’s women entrepreneurs prepare year-end gifts for our firm. By allowing them to participate in a major project we promote their professionalization.

Paper used by FERRERE is processed by Repapel for manufacturing inputs that are donated to the Liceo Jubilar high school.

We joined the funds collection campaign for the Fundación Teletón 2021, hand in hand with thousands of volunteers from companies and institutions, to achieve the foundation’s goal: free treatment at rehabilitation centers.

We supported Casa de la Juventud, a youth organization that promotes leadership in the service of society, in successfully completing its trademark registration process.

Our practitioners tutor students of Jubilar/Fundación Salir Adelante, helping to see them through the difficult first steps of their tertiary education.

We helped Sigo Leyendo, an initiative that seeks to eradicate illiteracy in the world by strengthening reading habits through the distribution and promotion of written works under license with Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, providing it with advice on the legal structure most suited to its goals and purposes.

FERRERE has worked with Z Zurich Foundation on a project called “Zurich Flood Resilience Alliance,” a multi-sectoral partnership which brings together community programs, new research, shared knowledge, and evidence-based influencing to build community flood resilience in developing countries such as Bolivia. 

Young people from Fundación Salir Adelante live the FERRERE Experience. Over the course of three days students get to know firsthand what it’s like to work at the firm, taking part in a team, receiving training, and visiting clients.

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