Public Sector

We have vast experience in projects involving the public sector and deep knowledge of the functioning of the agencies of the Central Administration, Autonomous Entities, Decentralized Services, Departmental and Municipal Governments, as well as non-state public law organizations.


At CPA FERRERE we are committed to support the development of the country. We believe that a modern and efficient public sector is essential to provide quality services and foster the conditions underpinning the country's economic and social growth and development.

Therefore, we strive every day to design, develop and apply solutions that contribute to the achievement of the objectives set by the Administration.

  • Design, implementation and evaluation of public policy instruments

    We design and implement management tools for the public sector. We assist public organizations on the design of instruments, the analysis of implementation options and the evaluation of the effects/impacts achieved by the implementation of programs and policies.

    • Design of policy instruments and programs. We assist public sector organizations in the design of programs, in consistency analyses between policy objectives and instruments and in the evaluation ex ante of costs, benefits and expected results of program implementation. 
    • Evaluation of public programs: We provide the necessary elements to define the relevance and degree of compliance of the program with the proposed objectives, as well as the effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of the project.
    • Evaluation of public institutions: We analyze the skillset of institutions for specific objectives, identifying missing capabilities, designing incentives, and creating opportunities to achieve the best use of available resources.
  • Implementation of Business Intelligence applications

    We transform data and destructured information (from inside and outside your organization) into relevant information and reports that facilitate and optimize decision-making at your company.

    Our services include:

    • Corporate Information System Conceptual Modeling Design.
    • Analysis, Reporting and generation of Dashboards.
    • Design and Implementation of Balanced Scorecards.
    • Advice on selection and implementation of IT solutions.
    • Definition of technological architectures.
    • Advice on development of tailored solutions and integration with other applications.
    • Training in Business Intelligence (BI) solutions.
  • Internal Selection in the Public Sector

    We accompany public sector organizations in the improvement of their internal selection processes, focusing on effectiveness, transparency, efficiency, professionalism and agility.

    • Advice on the definition of the requirements for the position
    • Collaboration in the composition of the selection board
    • Platform for registration and automatic scoring of candidates
    • Evaluation of applicants and ranking of candidates
    • Advice to the selection board in the definition of parameters for the selection of the finalists
    • Monitoring, follow up and improvement of internal processes
  • Management of organizational and technological change

    We assist in processes of cultural and organizational changes, as well as with management technologies incorporation, aiming to expedite the assimilation of these changes, reduce resistance and generate an enabling and stimulating environment that contributes to achieving results that justify the change.

    The scope and focus of our participation in the projects varies in each case according to the needs and challenges. 

    • The following are some of the services we provide in the framework of our approach and methodology: 
    • Diagnosis of impacts and predisposition to change
    • Design and facilitation of workshops: visualization of change, risks, team building for the project team, breakdown management, communication and difficult conversations, change management.
    • Strategic advice and recommendations for change management 
    • Planning and monitoring of training plans 
    • Planning and monitoring of communication plans 
    • Development of audiovisual content for training and communication
    • Monitoring and management of the work climate of the team that manages the change project.
    • Coaching for the team and key people in the change project
    • Monitoring and follow up of change adoption and sustainability
  • Implementación y operación de PMOs - Oficinas de Gestión de Proyectos Estratégicos

    Los proyectos son actualmente el pilar que dinamiza el cambio organizacional e innovación en una empresa, “haciendo que las cosas pasen” y las estrategias se lleven a la práctica.  

    Nuestro servicio está pensado para desarrollar competencias de gestión de proyectos e implementar buenas prácticas de gestión que permitan aumentar sensiblemente la capacidad y efectividad de ejecución de planes y proyectos en la empresa. También podemos aportar capacidad de ejecución a través de gerentes de proyectos que se integran temporalmente para gestionar proyectos o cartera de proyectos. 

    Entre los servicios que desarrollamos se destacan:

    • Diseño, implementación y operación de PMOs – Oficinas de Gestión de Proyectos Estratégicos
    • Diseño e implementación de metodologías de gerenciamiento de proyectos
    • Capacitación y desarrollo de gerentes de proyectos
    • Tercerización de gerentes de proyectos
    • Seguimiento de ejecución de cartera de proyectos: en fusiones, adquisiciones, start ups, creación de nuevos emprendimientos
  • Transformation of people management processes

    We co-build solutions with public sector organizations to transform people management processes, adding value for the organization and its people, taking budget and regulations into account.

    The scope and focus of our participation in projects varies in each case, adapting to specific needs and challenges.

    • Preparation of competency model
    • Leadership Program for leadership positions
    • Internal or external selection for leadership and non-leadership positions
    • Application of psychotechnical testing in selection and competitive hiring processes
    • Analysis, description and valuation of positions
    • Design and implementation of performance evaluation systems
    • Design and implementation of management commitments and incentive systems
    • Preparation of development and succession plans

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