Inovation and Design Thinking

Together with our clients we co-create innovative user-focused products and services.

Users demand more and more personalization of the products and services they choose, and they expect them to adapt to their lifestyles and to assure them great experiences.  This makes in-depth knowledge of client behavior and of the latest trends in innovation key for the successful design of new business lines and redesign of existing ones.  

At CPA Innovation we accelerate and strengthen business opportunities that are created and tested based on real user needs, supported by our in-depth knowledge of new technologies and of business.  We transform structures, persons and cultures, empowering our clients with real tools allowing them to be more innovative.

  • Awareness building and training of persons

     • Creativity and innovation workshops: development of an innovative culture in the company based on the work of its people.

    • Innovation Academy: training in innovation tools and techniques (Design Thinking, Service Design, UX, Visual Thinking, Storytelling, Lean Startup).



  • Designing innovative experiences, services and products

    • Brand-new: design of products, services and business models supported by the latest trends in innovation. 

    • Redesign of Customer Journey: redesign of the user experience with current products or services.   

    • Inn-PM: innovation project development, implementation and management to ensure successful implementation.


  • Innovation management system advice and design

    • Governance: diagnosis and development of innovation Strategy, Capacity and Management. 


    • In-house: Internal Innovation Programs design and support (Intra-enterprises, Open Innovation and Hackaton, Bootcamp, etc.) 

    • Co-work: collaboration and joint development of innovative projects.  


  • Redesign of employee experience

    We work together with our clients to understand the current work experience of their collaborators from their standpoint (how they live day to day at the company), and then to redesign in a participatory way and test it with future “users,” based on Design Thinking and Service Design methodologies.  

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