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Leadership and transformation of people management processes

Services designed to support companies in the adaptation of their management practices regarding people and teams in this new era of digital transformation, innovation and constant change.

We work with company management and the heads of human resources management areas to define the renewal and change agenda required to adapt to the new world of work and achieve sustainability of the business strategy in the future.

We assist leaders in the implementation of the change agenda defined through the development of leadership competencies for team leaders, the evaluation and attraction of talent to fill key positions and the adaptation of all people management practices (remunerations, performance management, teleworking, competency-based management, and implementation of people management systems, among others).

  • Development of Leadership Competencies

    We lead in a new era in which technology is the protagonist, knowledge work predominates, and we are experiencing profound social changes. 

    Leaders recognize the need to prepare, adapt and change their outlook and management style, to continue achieving the desired results.

    We have developed a Leadership Area to help leaders to better understand themselves and their teams, and to achieve the goals set for themselves and their organization. 

    The Leadership Programs are developed in open mode, with 2 annual editions. They can also be held in-house (in each company), and with different scopes and duration, according to the needs of each organization.

  • Remunerations

    In a context of increasing competition for talent, as well as business pressures to grow, optimize costs and improve productivity, it is essential to possess in-depth knowledge of market compensation levels, policies and practices, and also trends, in order to make better decisions.

    CPA Ferrere is a strategic ally for compensation management, offering services ranging from consultancy and relevant and comparative market information for decision making, to the outsourcing of some processes that are not key to your business. 

    Some of our services related to Remunerations are:

    • Remuneration Web Portal: it offers up-to-date, reliable and representative information on market remunerations. It is based on the concept of total remuneration, which includes all the elements that people value when choosing and/or staying at their place of work. 
    • Payment of remuneration (BPO)
    • Labor Audits (BPO) 
    • Diagnosis of internal and external equity
    • Diagnosis and adaptation of the remuneration policy under the concept of total and emotional compensation
    • Review and adjustment of tiers and categories.
    • Assessment of positions by competencies
    • Incentive systems, variable remuneration and benefits
  • Attraction and Selection of Talent

    We provide solutions to companies that seek to integrate new talent into their organization. 

    We specialize in positions of high and medium responsibility, as well as in young professionals, start-ups and the definition of high performance teams. We work for both national and multinational companies, as well as for public sector organizations. Our service includes:

    • Advice on employment conditions, remunerations and profiles, taking into account data from the current labor market
    • Definition of talent attraction and selection strategy.
    • Communication of opportunities in social media and headhunting 
    • Profile assessment through interviews and psychometric evaluation
    • Recommendation of final candidates
    • Advice on decision making
    • Advice in negotiating with the candidate
  • Internal Selection in the Public Sector

    We accompany public sector organizations in the improvement of their internal selection processes, focusing on effectiveness, transparency, efficiency, professionalism and agility.

    • Advice on the definition of the requirements for the position
    • Collaboration in the composition of the selection board
    • Platform for registration and automatic scoring of candidates
    • Evaluation of applicants and ranking of candidates
    • Advice to the selection board in the definition of parameters for the selection of the finalists
    • Monitoring, follow up and improvement of internal processes
  • Outplacement

    We accompany people during the process of disengagement from their company to accelerate the process of reintegration into the labor market. The service includes:

    • Psychometric evaluation and creation of personal SWOT analysis 
    • Personal brand building: CV and social media profile
    • Definition of search strategy
    • Preparation of curriculum vitae
    • Coaching in interview handling
    • Management of social media and contacts
  • Psychometric Evaluations

    We help to assess the degree of adaptability of people to specific positions through the application of different evaluation techniques, focused on both behavioral and specific technical skills 

    • Definition of the competencies required for a certain work profile
    • Definition of techniques to be used according to the defined profile: traditional psychometric tests (graphic tests, intelligence tests, behavioral tests, etc.) or online tests (Psicoweb) 
    • Individual interview
    • Preparation of psychometric assessment report
    • Feedback for the candidate and the company


  • Employer Branding

    We support companies in the analysis of their current and desired Employer Brand positioning, identifying actions to shorten the existing gap, using design thinking techniques in the process. Our service includes:

    • Workshop and focus group to survey and diagnose employee experience
    • Analysis of the company's social media positioning
    • Design of value propositions for employees
    • Workshop for strategic reflection on the Employer Brand  
    • Change management and implementation strategy 


  • Analysis and Redesign of the Employee Experience

    We work together with our clients to understand and analyze the current work experience of collaborators from their point of view (how they perceive their day-to-day life in the company), and based on that, we support a reflection on the validity, consistency, credibility and sustainability of the current value proposition offered to the employee. 

    We work in small groups, based on the Design Thinking methodologies, both for the analysis of the current experience and for devising and co-building the renewed value proposition.

  • Teleworking

    It is not unusual for organizations to have people who work from outside the office at some point during their working week. However, most companies still lack a policy and a general model to take advantage of the full potential of teleworking, both for the employees and for improving productivity.

    We developed a methodology and a specific practice to accompany the process of definition and implementation of teleworking in organizations. The preliminary step is raising awareness of its importance among Senior Management. Subsequently, we provide a diagnosis of technical feasibility and the design and implementation of a bounded pilot experience. Finally, we manage its expansion to the rest of the organization.

  • Performance Evaluation and Management

    The new world of work driven by new generations requires changing the traditional approach to performance evaluation, giving way to more frequent instances, which are reinforced with 360° assessments and coexist with other management practices such as development plans, variable remuneration, management of career opportunities, project assignment possibilities and internal rotation, among others. 

    We assist our clients in the process of reviewing and adapting their performance evaluation procedure, both in the design of the policy and process, and in its implementation, including training for all involved: the human resources area and evaluating leaders. We also help define strategies to improve the performance of leaders and their ability to bridge the gaps that may arise in the 360° performance evaluation.

  • Design and Implementation of a Competency-Based Management Model

    We help design and implement people management models based on competencies as well as revitalize or enhance models in their early stages of implementation. We accompany all the stages of the process: 

    • Awareness-raising and conceptual alignment of Senior Management and Human Capital teams.
    • Conceptual design of a new system or critical analysis of the current system.
    • Participatory definition of a competence directory.
    • Participatory definition of competences, levels and standards.
    • Documentation of roles based on the competence directory.
    • Adaptation of people management processes (selection, performance, development) based on competencies.
    • Survey of current competencies and gap analysis.
    • Design of management plans for gaps in competencies, by role and by families of roles. 
  • Digital Learning

    Technology is revolutionizing the way people learn by creating opportunities that companies can use to increase the impact of investment in training.

    • We help define the training strategy, building on the available technology, integrating face-to-face and virtual activities.
    • We implement virtual training campuses and design content (e-learning).
    • We manage the virtual campus and collaborate in monitoring its usage as well as in streamlining its operation (tutoring role).

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