Our team of experts with deep sector-specific knowledge supports health institutions in managing their businesses.

At CPA FERRERE we provide specialized advice, contributing innovative solutions fostering substantive changes reflecting the sector’s particularities.

Our clients can make better management decisions with relevant information on their business and the market, with financial, analytical, project management, human resource and other tools.

  • Relevant and comparative information for decision making


    Monitor Salud is a CPA FERRERE portal that provides key information for decision making by health care companies and users.

    For users of the service, the comparative information on the country’s different institutions includes the following reports:

    • Context variables
    • Users
    • Financial results
    • Assistance processes
    • Human capital

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  • Health institution financial planning and management control

    Having a system that makes it possible to generate information dashboards to measure, take action and monitor the results can be a differential and the key to success for organizations. Availability of timely, quality and reliable financial and management information that permits adjusting management indicators, activating control levers and raising efficiency levels means having the right platform for health care institution operation and strategy.

    Automating assistance and administration process information enables production of consistent monthly reports, with dynamic visualizations focusing on each sector’s interests and needs.   

    With this service CPA FERRERE clients can:

    • Generate a competitive advantage over other actors in the sector.
    • Plan, direct, control and correct courses of action.
    • Curb uncertainty in decision making.
    • Achieve the right evaluation and analysis of each business unit and sector, for each client or group of clients.
    • Generate strategic plans and implement them, foreseeing changes in the company itself and in its environment.
    • Adjust cost sources, budget, cashflow and projected financial statements.
  • Analytical tools for optimizing hospital management

    Analytical Intelligence focuses on providing statistical, mathematical and technological solutions to maximize income, minimize costs, optimize resources and reduce income and cost volatility.

    The techniques used allow health institutions to answer questions such as:

    • How can operating room coordination problems be solved?
    • How can excessive stock be avoided without exposing the institution to shortfall risk?
    • How much does each member cost? What is the total contribution to company value of each member?
    • Which members have significant probabilities of disenrollment?
    • How can the results of sales of complementary services, such as private room or emergency medical service, be improved?
    • What contact method is most effective for each client?
    • Does the institution have the right number of beds? Are more needed or is there an excess? Is it possible to reassign beds between areas and reduce total management costs?
  • Implementation of core health care institution systems

    We implement core systems for health care organizations, such as:

    ·       Electronic Health Record (EHR)


    ·       Hospital Management Systems (HIS)


    ·       Administrative-Accounting Systems (ERP)


    ·       Health Care Cost Management Systems using DRG (Diagnosis-Related Groups)

    As well as specific systems:

    ·       Vaccination System


    ·       Emergency Management System


    ·       Mobile Care Systems


    ·       Patient Security System


  • Staff Planner, the solution for problems of resource shift assignment problems

    What is the optimum assignment of personnel for each shift and each area? How can we respond better to unexpected demand levels?

    To answer such questions CPA FERRERE has developed Staff Planner, a software solution that uses mathematical combinatorial optimization models to resolve automation and systematization of optimum personnel assignment, subject to all of the technical requirements and restrictions that must be managed.

  • Project management office implementation and support

    We support implementation of an executive management mechanism (Project Management Office) that provides direction, monitoring and alignment of plans and projects underway. It becomes the articulator/coordinator for all actions necessary for successful performance.

    Our work methodology and specific experience in such activities allows us to support institution directors, affording them greater management organization capabilities where time and resources are limited, acting as a driving force for the organization’s strategic projects.

  • Support on conducting strategic planning processes

    Our accrued experience –the result of years of work in the sector- affords us knowledge of health care from the inside and out. We know the needs of the different interest groups and their impact, and we understand the circumstances faced by health care organizations.

    At CPA FERRERE we focus on helping institutions, accompanying them on dealing with structural changes and adjusting to the challenges posed by the new environment, so as to transform them into efficient organizations focused on improving organizational management through process innovation.

  • Advice on change management programs

    In our view, working on change management means planning and executing actions geared to making the changes take place, containing and monitoring impacts, both at personal and organizational levels, and minimizing costs associated with implementation. It involves, for example:

    • Generating a leadership team: identifying and developing the potential of referents acting as change facilitators.
    • Analyzing the impacts and preventing risks: identifying possible conflict points of the change, developing strategic actions to mitigate risks and to avoid affecting project progress.
    • Developing abilities: helping people develop the abilities and competencies necessary to work at the new organization.
    • Seeking opportunities for participation and inclusion of persons in the project: defining a strategy for interest groups, identifying their level of impact and interest in the project.
  • Payroll

    This service ensures that our clients comply appropriately and efficiently with current labor regulations and their effects on the company’s personnel administration and accounting.

    At CPA FERRERE we have a multidisciplinary team, specialists in labor matters, with vast experience in payroll and benefit computations.

    Confidentiality is essential for this service and hence our payroll procedure is quality certified per ISO 9001, and our IT security systems are certified per ISO 27.001.

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