Company Administration

We advise our clients on developing and starting up new businesses, as well as on their comprehensive administration.

At CPA FERRERE we offer advice in line with each client’s specific needs, planning and implementing the most efficient and appropriate structure for their business.

Our team focuses on provision of comprehensive service, bringing together accounting, tax and labor administration for the vehicle chosen for developing their enterprise.

  • Company services

    • Comprehensive advice for developing new ventures.

    • Advice on planning and developing company structures and reorganizations.

    • Company organization and startup.

    • Equity transactions advice and implementation.

    • Advice on transactions for purchase/sale of company stakes and commercial establishments.

    • Due diligence procedures in the context of corporate acquisitions. 

    • Company liquidations.

  • Comprehensive administration

    We support our clients on day-to-day and recurrent matters, providing them comprehensive administration services including:

    • General and analytical accounting

    • Preparation of management information and reports

    • Financial statement preparation

    • Personnel administration and payroll

    • Tax advice

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