SQA and Testing Services

Our SQA service enables our clients to ensure the quality of their software, curbing non-quality risks and costs.

CPA FERRERE’s Software Quality Assurance (SQA) service allows clients to ensure software quality and efficiency, minimize process times and curb costs associated with error correction. Doing so with the right methodology makes it possible to substantially improve process quality and efficiency.

We have our own methodology that uses a multidimensional approach, based on knowledge of the technology, the business and its processes, internal control, administration and finance, as well as accounting. All of this is combined with the pertinent testing techniques and SQA process control and tracking.  We see knowledge of the business as the most important pillar for an SQA project’ success

Good SQA can save money, since correcting failures during production is several times more expensive than in the software development stage.

  • Technology Project Management Office

    We offer widely tested methodologies and consultants experienced in successful project management in diverse areas and industries.

    Our methodology makes it possible to efficiently manage activities and develop control mechanisms permitting detection and management of risks that threaten successful project execution. Our work is supported by best practices in project management, and balances objectives, restrictions or risks, functional scope, timeframes, costs, human resources, quality and client satisfaction.

    Projects frequently are completed but fail to meet deadlines, run over budget and, in the worst of cases, do not obtain the features and/or functionalities sought with the new technology. As a result, undesired friction often arises between the project team and the client, even when ultimately the project deliverables have been produced. These problems are a consequence of frequent project management errors that our service solves.

  • Functional and nonfunctional requirements

    Our Requirements Management process seeks to at all times ensure an optimum match between the features of our clients’ business and the software to be implemented. We analyze in detail our clients’ needs, their strategic short- medium- and long-term objectives, constantly assessing when the business should adopt best practices or business flows proposed by the technological solution, which have been successfully tested by software providers, and when systems should adapt to the business and its operations.

    At CPA FERRERE we have a team devoted to making Requirements Management a precise, integrated process, with the necessary degree of detail, and secure in terms of the company’s internal policies and processes, as well as in compliance with the applicable legal regime.  From small and medium ventures to large companies, we have collaborated with both public and private sector organizations and in different industries on the process of Surveying, Analysis, Generation or Documentation, Validation and Maintenance of Functional and Nonfunctional Requirements, ensuring a solid foundation in technological change processes. 

  • User training

    CPA FERRERE’s training service is associated with technology change processes. It seeks to pass along the knowledge that CPA FERRERE consultants acquire during the SQA process, if they participate in the project, or that they acquire directly in certain technological solutions. 

    The training in turn has two objectives:

    1. To train the organization’s functional leaders so that they can later train the rest of the company in the new software acquired.
    2. To train users responsible for performing acceptance testing prior to production launch. The consultancy team in charge of training based on a developed and proven methodology coordinates, manages the necessary resources, and evaluates the participants designated by the client.


  • Data Quality

    We have broad experience and knowledge of our clients, which allows us to understand the importance of their sensitive information. We analyze the initial quality of that information and prepare an action plan for any corrections or quality improvements required, so as to be able to use it later in data migration, big data and analytics processes. 

    We have tools that allow us to connect with any data source and to process data, in order to detect and correct errors and inconsistencies.

  • Testing

    In our view Systems Testing is a project in itself, immersed in the software project. To successfully comply with quality assurance we use a precise and effective method, with defined stages and specific activities for each phase. We have highly trained personnel, and our methodology has been widely tested and incorporates the best practices in existence.

    Our testing services include:

    • Functional Testing from a Business Perspective 
    • Web and Mobile Testing
    • Testing Training
    • Manual Testing
    • Responsive Testing 
    • Automated Testing
    • Unit Testing 
    • Integration Testing
    • End-to-End Testing
    • System Testing
    • Performance Testing
    • UAT Testing
    • Migration Testing
  • Data migration

    Control is essential in data transfer processes. At CPA FERRERE we have methodologies and tools that make it possible to analyze information quality and, if necessary, to design an action plan to correct or improve quality. 

    This service’s strength lies in establishing automatic controls before migrating data to a new module or system, verifying data exactness, integrity and, above all, the transformation or segmentation rules per the requirements of the new system. 

    We have own Data Processing Software that, together with other tools, enable the end user to work with a friendly and easy to execute product that processes the vast majority of existing data formats without additional license costs.

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