As independent auditors our goal is to enhance reliability for users of financial information.

Shareholders, investors, regulators and financial entities who need the information they receive to make their assessments and to support their decisions to be reliable, complete, consistent and prepared in line with generally applicable standards and rules.

Our goal is to go beyond “report signing” as a purpose in and of itself, and to provide comprehensive services to the client, contributing added value and making timely and viable suggestions for implementing improvements or solving problems.

Our team of professionals is technically solid and stays constantly up to date on current rules.  It has broad experience in provision of audit services to organizations in all sectors of activity.

  • Previously agreed accounting procedures

    We advise potential investors on corporate acquisitions, mergers and other commercial agreements, so as to provide buyers, investors, sellers or interested third parties with relevant information on the associated risks and how they can be structured.

    We provide our services comprehensively together with FERRERE Abogados and the Tax and Consultancy departments of CPA FERRERE.

    We conduct audit procedures on accounting and extra-accounting information related to:

    • Financial mergers and acquisitions

    • Strategic mergers and acquisitions

    • Transactions involving issuance of negotiable obligations

    • Alienations

    • Restructurings 

    • Strategic alliances

    • Securitizations

  • Financial statement audits

    We focus on performing procedures to obtain solid evidence of the amounts and disclosures included in financial statements, providing quality service.

    We have broad experience in diverse industries and get involved in the client’s business.  This allows us to make timely and viable suggestions for implementing improvements or solving problems. 

  • Limited review of financial statements

    We conduct inquiries and analytical procedures regarding financial data.

    The purpose of our limited review of financial statements is to report whether in the preparation of the financial statements we have detected any significant deviations from the applicable financial reporting framework for their presentation, offering limited assurance as to the financial statements.

  • Financial statement compilation

    We present your organization’s financial information as financial statements.

    The purpose is to gather, classify and compile financial information reflecting the affirmations made by the organization’s directors and present it in the form of financial statements.  No assurance is given as to the information compiled.

  • Forensic audit services

    We design and apply specific procedures for detecting and determining the schemes used in cases of financial fraud.

    The purpose of the procedures is to detect cases of fraud, prepare a report explaining how the fraud was perpetrated, determine the specific causes, and propose actions for minimizing consequences.  We work together with the CPA FERRERE consultancy department and provide legal advice if necessary through FERRERE Abogados legal practitioners. 

    While they tend to follow repetitive patterns, fraudulent schemes are often not detected.  Based on data exploitation and analysis using different statistical and econometric techniques it is possible to: 

    1) Identify and characterize fraud patterns once they have happened, in order to take corrective action.

    2) Prevent or detect fraud using tools that alert to “anomalies,” such as use of predictive probability models or risk maps.


  • Internal Audit Services

    We contribute to the achievement of the business objectives, providing a systematic approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

    From a risk perspective, we detect possibilities for changes in processes, adding value to your company. Our work methodology for Internal Audit projects guarantees the service’s success by conducting a series of stages:

    • Detailed knowledge of the business. 
    • Evaluation of process from a risk perspective.
    • Work plan design.
    • Execution of work program.
    • Presentation of report to the board of directors or audit committee. 

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