Economic Analysis

We help our clients make better strategic, financial and operational decisions in their businesses.

Our team of specialists provides advice based on technical reports prepared from a rigorous monitoring of the current economic-financial situation, applying cutting-edge theoretical approaches and state-of-the-art statistical and econometric techniques.

We combine the rigor of the best practices in economic research with our knowledge of the realities of business. This approach helps us create precise and sophisticated products that can be applied to our clients’ practical decisions.

  • Economic analysis and forecasts

    We follow up on the main economic and financial variables in real time. 

    We create economic reports on a monthly and weekly basis, and we hold meetings with our clients in order to provide ongoing analysis and advice on the economic situation and prospects of the country, the region and the world. Our analysis focuses on the impact of the environment on our clients’ economic, financial and strategic decisions.

    The products and services we develop allow us to perform a profound and systematic monitoring of economic reality, as well as to analyze and interpret changes in the environment and the economic policy responses. 

    Our analysis and projections are based on two pillars: 

    • a body of stochastic frontier models that allow us to understand market evolution and the interrelation between environmental and control variables, policy responses and market balances; and  

    • a set of econometric models for projecting variables such as GDP, inflation and real wages, among others.


  • Design, implementation and evaluation of public policy instruments

    We design and implement management tools for the public sector. We assist public organizations on the design of instruments, the analysis of implementation options and the evaluation of the effects/impacts achieved by the implementation of programs and policies.

    • Design of policy instruments and programs. We assist public sector organizations in the design of programs, in consistency analyses between policy objectives and instruments and in the evaluation ex ante of costs, benefits and expected results of program implementation. 

    • Evaluation of public programs: We provide the necessary elements to define the relevance and degree of compliance of the program with the proposed objectives, as well as the effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of the project.

    • Evaluation of public institutions: We analyze the skillset of institutions for specific objectives, identifying missing capabilities, designing incentives, and creating opportunities to achieve the best use of available resources.

  • Industrial organization, regulation and competitiveness

    We advise our clients in the analysis of the competitive structure and the regulatory framework of the markets in which they operate, by applying the principles of the practice of Regulation and Defense of Competition. 

    • Market dynamics: analysis of market structure, agent behavior, price analysis, competitive strategies.

    • Regulation: we study the theoretical foundations of regulation, its application to the different markets and the impacts derived from changes in regulations.

    • Antitrust and competition law: analysis and determination of the relevant market, market power, dominant position and its impact on the evaluation of competitive strategies. 

  • Strategic Analysis: Financial Industry

    Permanent monitoring of the financial systems of the region, analyzing the performance of turnover and profitability for the system as a whole and for each of its institutions. 

    Benchmarking of indicators among institutions and countries to identify opportunities for improvement and detect changes in the strategic positioning of the main competitors of each financial institution by defining peer groups. 

    Strategic Planning and Business Plan. We have professionals in various practice areas who ensure an integral approach to issues. The permanent monitoring of trends in the world and the region ensures our outlook stays in line with these trends and the new challenges that the industry faces globally. Our firm has professionals trained in key areas such as strategic planning, comprehensive risk management, economic analysis and financial planning, tax strategy design, implementation of technological solutions, business analytics, organizational design and change and human resources management. 

    Financial Web Monitor: a Business Intelligence Portal that can be used in an interactive way and through which it is possible to access the balance sheets published monthly by banks and other financial institutions. The Financial Web Monitor allows navigation through the system, the analysis of key variable dashboards and the creation of KPIs for the institutions.  

  • Sectoral analysis

    We analyze the reality of different economic sectors. We study their current economic-financial status, their main clients and markets, the competitive structure of the market and the relevant regulatory factors, and we perform assessments of the economic impact among other aspects. We analyze the financial viability and the strategic relevance of investment projects. 

    Our expertise includes analysis of sectors such as: 

    • Banking and finance
    • Payment Methods
    • Insurance
    • Pension funds
    • Stock market
    • Agribusiness
    • Production and marketing of grains. 
    • Meat and the meat processing industry 
    • Forestry industry 
    • Rice sector
    • Dairy industry
    • Agrochemicals and agricultural supplies
    • Transport and logistics
    • Ports
    • Energy and fuels
    • Audiovisual industry
    • Construction industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Health care industry
    • Real estate
    • Retailing
    • Automotive industry

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