We advise our clients on tax planning and compliance with a view to maximizing the value of their businesses.

Our department consists of recognized professionals specializing in taxes, driven by excellence in the provision of services and client satisfaction.  Many of them also teach at major universities and are involved in the country’s most outstanding academic events.

  • Tax preparation and review

    We prepare and review computations of all taxes applicable to the client as taxpayer or withholding agent:

    • Business Income Tax (IRAE)

    • Net Worth Tax (IP) for companies and individuals

    • Value Added Tax (IVA)

    • Excise Tax (IMESI)

    • Individual Income Tax (IRPF)

    • Nonresident Income Tax (IRNR)

    • Farm Assets Conveyance Tax (IMEBA)

    • Departmental taxes, etc.

    • Customs taxes

    This work can be performed as part of recurrent tax advice or as a specific service requested by companies for taxes in a given period.


  • Tax consultancy

    We advise our clients on tax treatment of a specific transaction, or on the interpretation and application of tax rules in relation to a specific case, assessing the alternatives and making our recommendation of the one most appropriate for the company’s situation.  

    Our services include:

    • Local and international tax planning.

    • Application of double taxation conventions.

    • Advice on defining the strategy for critical tax issues.

    • Treatment of complex transactions, such as mergers, demergers and sales of commercial establishments, among others.

    • Tax due diligence procedures.

    • Legal structuring of transactions, from the standpoint of the company and of the shareholders’ particular situation.

    • Company assessments for tax purposes.

    • Submission of requests for binding revenue rulings from tax authorities, to have their interpretation of specific rules. 


  • Transfer Pricing

    We participate from the outset in planning the best Transfer Pricing policy to permit compliance with regulatory requirements and maximizing business value.

    We conduct a professional study including review of transactions between related entities so as to verify compliance with transfer pricing guidelines.

    Our team conducts an analysis of activities carried out and functions performed, assets used and risks assumed in transactions between such entities.


    In 2013, FERRERE was recognized as Uruguay Transfer Pricing Firm of the year by the prestigious specialized publication International Tax Review.

  • Tax Audits

    Incorrect application of tax rules can give rise to penalties by the tax administration affecting not only the company’s economy but also its corporate image and its valuation by possible investors. 

    Our analysis of concepts and criteria applied by the company in its tax computations allows us to determine any credits, liabilities or contingencies deriving from use of criteria deviating from current rules. 

    Our services include:

    • Inspection simulation: analysis of procedures and criteria for tax computation.

    • Due diligence: reviews in corporate merger or acquisition transactions. 


  • Accompanying on inspections

    We accompany our clients on tax inspections.  Our multidisciplinary team of attorneys and accountants with vast experience on the subject advises and accompanies the client on all administrative and judicial situations arising as a result of controversies with tax authorities.

    Our services include:

    • Advice to companies in the event of tax administration inspections.

    • Bringing administrative appeals against tax administration rulings.


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