Our team of professionals has deep knowledge of the companies of the agricultural and forestry sector, and they provide advice for optimizing their performance.

At CPA FERRERE we help companies in the agricultural and forestry sectors to generate more and better information for decision making, to control their subcontractors, and to improve their profitability, covering accounting, tax, labor and financial management aspects.

  • Integral management

    Focus on the core and strategic activities of your business. Our team of multidisciplinary professionals, specialized in agricultural and forestry businesses and with the best practices of the sector, will provide integral solutions covering and solving all accounting, tax, labor and financial management aspects, freeing time and resources in your company so that you can focus on the core and strategic activities of your business.

    We are different because we have a team with knowledge of the sector and our clients’ business, we can anticipate situations, and we are proactive. 

    Our services include:

    • Purchasing process, accounts payable and administration of payments to suppliers.
    • Accounting of the company’s operations and transactions.
    • Billing process, accounts receivable and collection management.
    • Control and administration of stocks.
    • Control and administration of fixed assets.
    • Cash flow management process (Treasury).
    • Preparation of monthly accounting closings and analysis of accounts.
    • Preparation of Financial Statements according to accounting standards in Uruguay and in accordance with international financial reporting standards (IFRS).
    • Preparation of budgets.
    • Monthly preparation of management reports and budget control.
    • Personnel administration, payroll management and labor taxes.
    • Taxes and compliance with tax obligations.
    • Implementation of a comprehensive agricultural information management system that includes all operational, financial and accounting activity
  • Control of subcontractors

    We provide a highly specialized and customized service of supplier monitoring with extensive experience in companies in the agricultural and forestry sector.

    The main purpose of our service is to minimize the joint and several liability for breaches of obligations related to labor regulations, social security, or those related to the Government Insurance Bank (Banco de Seguros del Estado ) that arise as a consequence of outsourcing.

    Our work methodology guarantees:

    • Decreased risks for the company based on the controls implemented. 
    • Monitoring the behavior and evolution of contractors.
    • Efficiency that allows flexibility and adaptation to the needs of each client, generating lower costs for your company.
    • Absolute confidentiality

    For this purpose, we have developed an agile and modern web platform for management, called Three, which allows you to:

    • Access the history of each contractor.
    • Upload information from your contractors.
    • Generate automatic alerts for breaches.
    • Ensure the contractor control process.
    • Access for all participants involved in the process from wherever they are.

    We have extensive experience in on-site controls to detect contingency situations, as well as to complement the documentary analysis. 


  • Reporting

    The key to profitability and efficiency is knowledge management. This is why, through our reporting service for companies in the agricultural and forestry sectors, we manage to generate more information for better decision-making by controlling and monitoring the main indicators, with the ultimate goal of improving process efficiency.

    Timely information is thus generated which allows:

    • Detecting possible deviations in relation to the budget.
    • Understanding the evolution of the main business indicators.
    • Detecting possible opportunities.
    • Eliminating and/or changing unprofitable products or processes.
    • Comparing current management with different periods. 
    • Analyzing and following the cash flow. 
    • Determining fund needs for the business.

    Access to information in a systematic, methodical and safe way will allow you to better manage your business, making accurate decisions to optimize your company’s profitability.

  • Financial structuring

    We make it possible for our clients to access significant funding, by designing financing mechanisms that go beyond traditional bank loans

    We assist organizations on structuring diverse financial instruments, including bond issues, financial trusts, guaranty and administration trusts, as well as capital participations, taking our clients’ needs as well as investors’ requirements into account. 

    We have developed the largest number of public offerings of financial trusts in the country, and have deep knowledge of how agents who are key for successful capital market financing transactions operate. 

    Our methodological approach 

    The securities issuance process involves a complex set of activities and actors that have to be managed, which requires knowledge of financial techniques as well as risk management.  Additionally, the experience acquired in the practical implementation of funding mechanisms is relevant for securities issuance.

    Issuance process activities in which CPA Ferrere acts as Financial Advisor or Structurer:


    • Definition and choice of alternatives.
    • Tax, legal, financial and risk assessment. 
    • Drafting of contracts.
    • Preparation of prospectus. 


    • Risk rating for issue.
    • Filing of issuer with securities market registry.
    • Filing of issue with securities market registry.
    • Listing of issue on securities markets.


    • Road show.
    • Interest rate calibration for issue.
    • Issuance and transaction closing.

    Life of issue

    • Trust administration.
    • Rating update.
    • Presentation of financial statements and reports required by rules.

    Our experience

    At CPA FERRERE, together with FERRERE Abogados, we have advised on issuance of the majority of financial trust offerings (and similar transactions, prior to enactment of the trust law) placed on the Uruguayan market since 2001.

    We adapt our clients’ financial needs to capital market demands (particularly those of pension fund administrators). We conduct a solid financial and risk analysis geared to investor and risk rater requirements. 

    Our contribution goes beyond quantifying risk. We propose credit enhancement mechanisms to raise risk ratings to the standards required by the market.

    We also have excellent relationships and communications with the chief institutional investors, which is essential for designing a product in line with their preferences.

  • Sectoral analysis

    We analyze the reality of different economic sectors. We study their current economic-financial status, their main clients and markets, the competitive structure of the market and the relevant regulatory factors, and we perform assessments of the economic impact among other aspects. We analyze the financial viability and the strategic relevance of investment projects.

  • Economic analysis and forecasts

    We follow up on the main economic and financial variables in real time. 

    We create economic reports on a monthly and weekly basis, and we hold meetings with our clients in order to provide ongoing analysis and advice on the economic situation and prospects of the country, the region and the world. Our analysis focuses on the impact of the environment on our clients’ economic, financial and strategic decisions.

    The products and services we develop allow us to perform a profound and systematic monitoring of economic reality, as well as to analyze and interpret changes in the environment and the economic policy responses. 

    Our analysis and projections are based on two pillars: 

    • a body of stochastic frontier models that allow us to understand market evolution and the interrelation between environmental and control variables, policy responses and market balances; and  
    • a set of econometric models for projecting variables such as GDP, inflation and real wages, among others.
  • Liquidación de remuneraciones

    This service allows our clients to correctly and efficiently comply with current legal provisions and their impacts on personnel administration and company accounting records.

    At CPA FERRERE we have a multidisciplinary team, including specialists in labor issues, with vast experience in payroll and benefit computation.

    Confidentiality is essential for this service and in that light our payroll computation procedures are quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001, and our IT security systems are certified under ISO 27001.

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