Business Process Outsourcing

We provide solutions so that our clients can focus on their core business. At CPA FERRERE our structure of collaborators allows us to offer outsourcing of all business support activities.

With over 1,000 clients in Central and South America, CPA FERRERE has one of the region’s largest Business Process Outsourcing practice, where we design, implement and operate specific business processes, to optimize performance.  

  • Financial statement preparation

    Financial statements reflect a company’s reality for a particular period.  They are prepared and presented at least annually, and are geared to addressing the common needs of a broad range of users, providing useful information for economic decision-making.

    At CPA FERRERE we have vast experience in this area, guarantying correct compliance with applicable local and international rules and advising our clients on their presentation obligations.  This allows companies to disclose their economic and financial situation and changes during a particular period, with the assurance of complying with applicable presentation requirements, and permitting enhanced comprehensibility, reliability and comparability by users.

  • Global process outsourcing

    We have the largest outsourcing department in Uruguay and one of the largest in the region. Since 1996 we have professionalized our methods to assist clients on all administrative, accounting, payroll and other support services they strategically decide to outsource.

    With over 20 years of experience and 400 collaborators, we are the chief multidisciplinary services platform providing comprehensive advice in Central and South America.

    We currently serve companies in Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Costa Rica and Guatemala.

    The main advantage for our clients is offering a single source for all the countries in which they have operations. At CPA FERRERE we are close to your needs and get the jump on potential problems.

  • CPA Engineering

    With 30 telematics and telecommunications engineers, at CPA FERRERE we have an area devoted to providing technical Engineering services to companies in the telecommunications sector. 

    Our services:

    • Consultancy

    • Wireless and fixed network handling and optimization 

    • Monitoring 24x7 

    • Integration and maintenance

  • Electronic Invoicing

    In line with our mission to provide solutions for our clients, we have designed a platform accessible to our clients without the need to acquire a system. This makes it possible to maximize benefits, add value to the company and minimize system risks.   

    Regardless of whether e-invoicing is voluntary or mandatory, our platform ensures complying with tax authority deadlines. This allows our clients to get the maximum benefits from e-invoicing and comply with all applicable rules.

    E-Salary Receipts

    We have an efficient, practical, adaptable and secure solution for e-salary receipts management.  To cut work time for the company’s in-house team, we have designed a low-cost and easy-to-implement service.

  • Payroll

    This service allows our clients to correctly and efficiently comply with current legal provisions and their impacts on personnel administration and company accounting records.

    At CPA FERRERE we have a multidisciplinary team, including specialists in labor issues, with vast experience in payroll and benefit computation.

    Confidentiality is essential for this service and in that light our payroll computation procedures are quality certified in accordance with ISO 9001, and our IT security systems are certified under ISO 27001.

    Personnel Administration

    Through a business alliance with MSB Argentina, we have designed a platform that permits fully online personnel administration.

    The platform allows companies to administer their personnel, as well as their communications with employees.  Using a password, both the company and employees can access:

    • Each employee’s file (personal data, family members, documentation expiry dates, etc.)

    • Each employee’s absences

    • Medical, maternity and other leaves

    • Overtime accrued 

    • Vacation days accrued and taken

    • Salary receipts

    • Communications with all personnel


    • Policies the company needs to circulate among all employees 


  • Certification of National Component of Investments

    This service is geared to developers, producers of capital goods and service providers, among others, who promote or participate in large infrastructure projects requiring a minimum national origin component (products manufactured or services contracted locally) of the total investment.

    Our work consists of advising companies and complying with all formalities required by the different designated certifying agencies, so as to accredit the maximum possible local component.

    At CPA FERRERE we have a team that is specially trained in the method for accrediting the local component of investments in Uruguay and Argentina.

  • Outsourcing Law Control

    With the increasing changes in controls required by personnel outsourcing laws, we have developed this low-cost service aimed at controlling contractors and minimizing risks, as well as providing timely alerts as to possible contingencies.  

    Our control area focuses on documents that can provide relevant information material to the contracting company, and on conducting periodic unscheduled audits of the supplier’s documentation, to verify its effective compliance with obligations.

    Based on our experience we have developed Three, a web tool allowing each supplier  -with a user name and password- to make available the documentation requested, view what information is missing, and receive notices. With Three, our clients can verify online the status of their outsourcers, who in turn can upload their documentation, and CPA FERRERE can verify strict compliance and immediately detect any deviation.

  • NEXO – Personnel Outsourcing

    We cover your personnel needs in the region

    We have designed a solution to cover temporary or permanent personnel needs for companies planning to set up business in the region. NEXO is staffing agency that attracts talent from different countries to cover openings. 

    With the support of CPA FERRERE, through NEXO we offer an easy and competitive solution to cover human resource needs for the period required by any company areas.  

    NEXO provides solutions for the following situations:

    • Covering temporary or permanent personnel needs

    • Accompanying  the cycle of companies based on knowledge of their business 

    • Outsourcing personnel administration, entrusting obligations to a team specializing in labor and social security matters 

    • Accessing a broad variety of professional profiles to adapt to clients’ particular needs 


  • Trust Administration

    CPA FERRERE together with EF Asset Management  are the largest private Trustee in Uruguay, with 15 years of experience advising and administering the principal public and private issues.

    Our team specializing in trust financial structuring and administration includes attorneys, accountants, engineers and economists.   

  • Setting up business in the region

    With a staff of over 1,000 people at the offices of CPA FERRERE and FERRERE Abogados, we are the strategic partner for companies planning to set up business in the region.

    We have a multidisciplinary team of attorneys, accountants and economists with vast experience in advising companies and investors planning to disembark in the region.

    Our firm can assist companies in finding the best structure for their business, as well as provide information for better decision-making on their investment.

  • MisDatosPersonales

    MisDatosPersonales is an IT tool that makes it possible to systematize all the information of a company’s collaborators on a single support.  

    The platform permits access to salary receipts, vacation days, time clock, requests for leave and other data by a single click, optimizing processes for Human Resources. It also allows personnel to consult, change and administer their personal information.

    The tool is available in web responsive format for smartphones, tablets and computers, and via mobile application for Android and IOS.

    All MisDatosPersonales material is stored in an encrypted database with high level security. 


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