Smart Cities

At CPA FERRERE we support development of Smart City strategies from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Over 50% of the world’s population lives in cities, making them the chief centers of economic and social influence. This urbanization process has been accompanied by the digital transformation and business models that revolutionize the way citizens, companies and governments interact.

The concept of Smart Cities arose as the response of cities to those two processes. New management models have become essential for achieving smarter and more sustainable cities, focusing on improving their citizens’ quality of life.

At CPA FERRERE we have a multidisciplinary team of specialists capable of approaching smart city strategies from different angles, such as strategic planning, execution of diverse related projects, and attention to numerous technological and security implications.

  • Planning and designing Smart City strategies

    We help cities define their strategy and design their roadmap for becoming smart cities using Design Thinking methodology. 

  • Smart City project management

    Working toward being a Smart City triggers many projects to be undertaken by cities. We specialize in setting up project management offices to help cities manage the full portfolio of projects associated with their Smart City roadmap.

  • Quality Assurance for Smart City initiatives

    We specialize in assuring the quality of technology project implementations.We specialize in assuring the quality of technology project implementations.

  • Smart City Data Analytics

    Implementation of Smart City initiatives multiplies the generation of data and information in cities, and this becomes an opportunity to process it, look for patterns, make forecasts and support decision-making with precise information. At CPA FERRERE we are experts in processing large volumes of information and in working with Data Analytics.

  • Smart City Security (information security)

    A smart and connected city undoubtedly generates significant benefits for its population, but also generates potential information security risks. We specialize in enhancing the security of cities and minimizing risks in this connection.  

  • Implementation of Smart City initiatives

    We integrate and implement different solutions geared to resolving specific problems of cities, including: i) Intelligent Control of Public Lighting (monitoring, on/off and intensity control), ii) Generation of Contents using augmented reality, mixed and virtual technologies that make it possible to develop virtual museums, tourist routes, experiential learning, and iii) Smart Parking.

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