Strategy and Organizational Development

Services designed to provide strategic focus, managerial alignment and execution capability in strategic projects and initiatives.

We work as a team with board of directors as well as managerial and management teams in companies from different sectors, both national and multinational.

We have developed a specialized area for family businesses, assisting in succession processes, elaboration of protocols and management professionalization.

Our methodology includes workshops, individual and group meetings, on-line surveys, and coaching for teams and leaders, integrating technology, know-how and a business focus.

We approach each project as a challenge in terms of organizational and personal change for the stakeholders involved. This is why we manage all the initiatives and projects taking into account the best practices for change management.

  • Executive processes for strategic planning

    We design and assist senior management in processes of strategic reflection. Our methodology and approach are designed to co-create agreements and alignment in board and management teams, based on relevant strategic decisions. We aim to optimize the dedication times of those involved and generate a climate of collaboration and participation, with the clear objective of helping things happen in the future instead of their staying solely as statements and intentions.

    Even though each process is tailored for each client, our basic approach includes:

    • Interviews with board members and key managers
    • Mapping and assessment of key interest groups for the company/business.
    • Appreciative online surveys to the main interest groups.
    • Focus groups 
    • Strategic reflection workshops with different focuses: meaning and purpose, vision, mission and values, SWOT analysis, mapping of objectives and initiatives (Balanced Scorecard), prioritization of strategic initiatives.  
    • Preparation of an executive report with the conclusions of the process, an action plan and recommendations for its implementation.
  • Board Professionalization + E-board

    We help create and professionalize executive boards, executive committees and management teams. Our service is designed to review current practices and co-create and agree on new ways of functioning to increase the productivity and effectiveness of management meetings, giving greater focus to strategic rather than operational issues and with a greater result-oriented approach.

    We assist throughout the process, from the preparation of the meetings, their development, and the subsequent follow-up of the decisions taken. We have developed an "E-board" application for board management that incorporates the best management practices.

    The service includes both the support to define and reach agreements on the new way of functioning, as well as assistance during the change and implementation processes.

    A typical process includes:

    • Workshop on best practices and conceptual leveling
    • Self-diagnosis workshop and redesign of the new board
    • Workshop to define operating rules
    • Workshop on strategic reflection about the business (optional)
    • Coaching and assistance in implementation
    • Implementation of the E-board as an application to support board management. 

    This is a web application that facilitates management of these areas. eBoard is a tool that simplifies board processes, from the planning of meetings to the follow-up of decisions made, including the management of related documentation. In addition to operating as an integral support of these processes, eBoard allows to completely dispense with paper and easily access all the information from any device, while ensuring the highest levels of security.

  • Family Business Professionalization

    The Family Business team of CPA FERRERE provides advice and collaborates with the management of companies in the assessment of the different aspects related to family-business management

    In the framework of this service, CPA FERRERE works daily with its clients in the partitioning of the family-related issues from the commercial/financial ones in order to professionalize the management of the company.

    • Identification of sensitive aspects in the family that may hinder the development of the company
    • Cooperation for the alignment of expectations
    • Collaboration in the process of development, assembly and revision of the family protocol
    • Advice on the identification of a successor and collaboration with his or her role as a leader
    • Planning the succession and inclusion of new generations in the business, with the problems and challenges that it may entail, including the selection of professional management positions
    • Professionalization of board meetings
    • Creation and implementation of family bodies such as the Family Council
    • Preparation of the family business for an eventual sale; among other services
  • Implementation and operation of PMOs - Strategic Projects Management Offices

    Nowadays, projects are the force that drives organizational change and innovation in a company, "making things happen" and putting strategies into practice.  

    Our service is designed to develop project management skills and implement good management practices that significantly increase the capacity and effectiveness of plan and project execution in the company. We can also provide execution capacity through project managers who are temporarily integrated to manage projects or project portfolios. 

    Some of the services we provide are:

    • Design, implementation and operation of PMOs - Strategic Projects Management Offices
    • Design and implementation of project management methodologies
    • Training and development of project managers
    • Outsourcing of project managers
    • Project portfolio execution follow-up in mergers, acquisitions, start ups, creation of new ventures, etc. 
  • Management of organizational and technological change

    We assist in processes of cultural and organizational changes, as well as with management technologies incorporation, aiming to expedite the assimilation of these changes, reduce resistance and generate an enabling and stimulating environment that contributes to achieving results that justify the change.

    The scope and focus of our participation in the projects varies in each case according to the needs and challenges. 

    The following are some of the services we provide in the framework of our approach and methodology: 

    • Diagnosis of impacts and predisposition to change
    • Design and facilitation of workshops: visualization of change, risks, team building for the project team, breakdown management, communication and difficult conversations, change management.
    • Strategic advice and recommendations for change management 
    • Planning and monitoring of training plans 
    • Planning and monitoring of communication plans 
    • Development of audiovisual content for training and communication
    • Monitoring and management of the work climate of the team that manages the change project.
    • Coaching for the team and key people in the change project
    • Monitoring and follow up of change adoption and sustainability
  • Analysis, organizational design and redesign

    We help our clients so that their company’s organizational structure and its corporate governance support and are consistent with the strategy and plans for the future development of the business.

    Our advice provides a clear definition of roles and responsibilities and guidance to key processes and business strategy.  It also results in a better use of existing skills and work equipment and in identifying the main gaps in skills and competences. 

    • Diagnosis, design and redesign of the organizational structure (organizational chart, positions and roles)
    • Diagnosis and redesign of the corporate governance structure 
    • Assessment of equipment and organizational capacities
    • Definition and documentation of role profiles by competencies
    • Attraction and selection of talent
    • Design and implementation of role assessments
  • Investment projects and business plans

    We analyze project viability, detecting risks and collaborating on presentations to promoters and investors 

    We support our clients on analysis of the project’s commercial and financial viability, definition of the business model, and identification of risks and mitigation actions, and we collaborate on the project’s presentation to promoters, potential investors, public agencies that grant financial benefits, and the financial system.

    Our methodological approach includes the following steps:  

    • Analysis of the key factors and processes of the business and support on formulating the strategy for setting up in Uruguay.
    • Advice on organizational/operating model design. 
    • Support on the search for the right location. 
    • Identification and estimation of operating costs.
    • Business plan financial modeling.
    • Identification of critical variables, construction of business risk matrices and support on definition of risk mitigation actions. 
    • Estimation of financial indicators to evaluate project profitability.
    • Financial projections stress analysis by application of Montecarlo simulation models, using specific IT tools.
    • Support on presentation of results to potential stakeholders (investors, financers, government authorities, etc.).

    Our experience

    We are a leader in business opportunity analysis. We work together with our clients, identifying and assessing strategic opportunities that maximize firm value. 

    Our specialists have strong experience in pre-feasibility studies, preparation and presentation of investment projects and business plans, construction of projection models and financial simulation, company valuation, and design and implementation of structured financing transactions.

    In turn, we have a leading economic advisory department consisting of economists and experts with broad experience, devoted to research, advice and training on economic issues and quantitative techniques. 

  • Sectoral analysis

    We analyze the reality of different economic sectors. We study their current economic-financial status, their main clients and markets, the competitive structure of the market and the relevant regulatory factors, and we perform assessments of the economic impact among other aspects. We analyze the financial viability and the strategic relevance of investment projects. 

    Our expertise includes analysis of sectors such as: 

    • Banking and finance
    • Payment Methods
    • Insurance
    • Pension funds
    • Stock market
    • Agribusiness
    • Production and marketing of grains. 
    • Meat and the meat processing industry 
    • Forestry industry 
    • Rice sector
    • Dairy industry
    • Agrochemicals and agricultural supplies
    • Transport and logistics
    • Ports
    • Energy and fuels
    • Audiovisual industry
    • Construction industry
    • Pharmaceutical industry
    • Health care industry
    • Real estate
    • Retailing
    • Automotive industry
    • Case studies
    • Economic impact study of UPM operations in Uruguay
    • We support UPM in the study of the economic impact of its current operations and the expected impact of the second cellulose plant project.
  • Digital Strategy

    The rise of new technologies triggers opportunities and risks for current business strategies. Digital transformation responds to the necessity for organizations to build new dynamics to improve performance, and to update and adapt to present and future needs.  

    This is a specially tailored process allowing companies reorganize their work methods to enhance benefits, via implementation of new technologies, but it brings with it the need for new attitudes both among people and in company strategy. 

    At CPA FERRERE we have a multidisciplinary team of specialists capable of approaching the digital transformation process from different angles, facilitating the path toward a rebuilt organization in terms of capacities, that is, a revitalized and successful organization. 

    To support organizations on this path we have the following services: 

    • Diagnosis of digital competitive position 
    • Creation of the company’s digital vision
    • Assessment of existing digital capacities and determination of those necessary to address the process 
    • Prototyping and definition of digital strategy
    • Preparation of Digital Transformation Plan
    • Implementation of Digital Transformation Plan

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